unmanned arial vehicle

The Long Endurance, Light Weight Electric Fixed Wing VTOL UAV is designed and developed by the Cavalier Group with Autonomous Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities. Capable of performing day and night missions including target tracking, artillery fire observation and correction.It has a MTOW of 9.5 kg and a span of 2.35m, constructed using light composite materials. The robust and agile design allows for rapid deployment of the system. Multiple navigation and secure communication systems with long range automatic antenna tracker provides superior safety of UAS operation. Portable ground station with strong processing power, rich peripheral interfaces and high-definition image transmission and reception with simultaneous operation for airborne hot-swap makes for a highly reliable ground control system.


Light Weight Electric Fixed Wing VTOL UAV


Platform Type: VTOL
Wingspan: 2.35 m
Length: 0.9 m
Wing area: 90 sq. dm
Assembly: Modular
Structure: Composite materials
Transportation & Operation: 2 Persons

Frequency band: 1.4Ghz/2.4Ghz
Effective Range: Up to 60km
Operation: FHSS
Encryption: AES128 / 256
Tracking: Automatic with Gimbal
Power: <15 W, 33dbm
Gain: 12dBi and 23 dBi
IP Level: IP65

Flight Characteristics:
Cruise speed: 60-90 Km/h
Maximum speed: 100 Km/h
Stall speed: 45 Km/h
Endurance: 3 hours
Range: 190 km
Setup Time: less than 5 mins
Maximum Altitude: 16500ft (5000m)

Environmental Characteristics:
Max Wind Resistance VTOL: 9 m/s (33 Km/h)
Max Wind Resistance Cruise: 15 m/s (54 Km/h)
Operating Temperature: -20 to +55 Celsius
IP Grade: IP45

Battery type: High performance –
LiPo (Rechargeable with smart BMS)
Battery Cells: 4S – 6S
Battery Capacity: 23Ah
Backup power: Auxiliary battery (optional)

Weight and Payload:
Maximum takeoff weight: 9.5 Kg
Payload capacity: 2 Kg

Type: Electric (BLDC Motor)

Parachute (Optional)


Image Sensor: 1/2.8 inch CMOS
Quality: 1920×1080
Optical Zoom: 30x
Digital Zoom: 12x

IR Thermal Imager:
Lens Size: 35mm
IR Detector pixel: 640×512
Digital Zoom: 1x to 4x

Object Tracking (Day and Night):
Minimum Object Size: 32×32 pixel
Maximum Object Size: 128×128 pixel
Tracking Speed: 32pixel/frame

Laser Range Finder:
Range: 3000m
Eye-Safe: Class 1 Standard IEC 60825-1

Ground Control Station:

Size: 24×17.5×12 inch
CPU: Intel i7 750
Memory: 16G, Storage: 128G SSD
Working Time: 6hrs
Weight: 10Kgs