Mission and Vision

Pakistan has one of the best minds in the world, unfortunately, we have not been able to capitalize on the immense talent and resources available. Cavalier Group is Pakistan’s only multi domain manufacturer from the private sector working in a fast moving and increasingly complex world to achieve a capability to deliver indigenously developed mission critical solutions to the Defence Force of Pakistan and our allies all around the world. As a technology integrator and original equipment manufacturer with expertise in land, air, information technology and the cyber domain, it is not just a business goal but a moral imperative to work to the best of our ability to become the most trusted provider of systems and technologies that ensure security and freedom of our Nation. We are primarily engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and provision of a range of products and services ranging from Combat Vehicles, Personal weapons and ballistic protection solutions to UAV drones, System Automation and Cyber Security. Over the years, our products and services have been developed and refined to meet military demands with high added value. We make it our business to understand the rigors of our frontline warriors and endeavour to deliver to them products that out-perform anything else on the market at competitive prices. The fact that our group is broadly diversify, permits us to leverage our proprietary technologies to create a powerful competitive advantages across many different segments in the Defence and Information technology space. We are working to create connected military ecosystems with artificial intelligence-based precision sensing capability. We believe in innovation, collaboration and trust and hope to one day become the name trusted the world over for quality and outstanding performance.


Our head office and design, prototyping facility /all locations in a privately-owned premise located in the Federal Capital, Islamabad. The facility covers a field area of around 36,000 sq meters with a total covered area of around 85,000 square feet.


Cavalier’s operating units are organized into the following broad business areas through subsidiaries, focusing on nine major sectors in the Defence and Commercial segments.

prototyping Facilities

Cavalier Group has a dedicated prototype manufacturing facility where initial prototyping is carried out in proven individual steps which are supervised by our experts in their respective fields of product design. It is only after thorough validation of the prototype and detailed simulations that serial production is allowed to take place.

manufacturing Facilities

The group has its own production facility in a self-contained complex with full in-house manufacturing and testing facilities. The entire production process is being modernised employing computerised design analysis and semi-automated manufacturing processes using our own proprietary ERP® software solution, which has been specifically developed for implementation of quality standards in conformity with the ISO and Military standards. With this system, the processes of design, development, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, delivery, sales, finance and accounting becomes easy to manage and control with increased transparency and traceability throughout the processes. The Production staff possesses long term experience in design and development in their respective fields of specialisation thus ensuring quality and reliability in production and follow-on support.

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