cavalier group

(Pakistan’s Only Private Sector Multi – Domain Defence Manufacturer)

cavalier group


Cavalier Group is Pakistan’s only multi domain manufacturer from the private sector working in a fast moving and increasingly complex world to achieve a capability to deliver indigenously developed mission critical solutions to the Defence Force of Pakistan and our allies all around the world.

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Cavalier Group has a dedicated prototype manufacturing facility where Automotive prototyping is carried out in proven individual steps which are supervised by our experts in their respective fields of product design. It is only after thorough validation of the prototype and detailed simulations that serial production is allowed to take place.

manufacturing facility

The group has its own production facility in a self-contained complex with full in-house manufacturing and testing facilities.


Cavalier Group has successfully participated in IDEAS-2016 and 2018. furthermore we have also been a part of BIDEC 2017 and 2019. Cavalier group is proud to be associated with such events as it provides a platform to showcase its full potential.