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Software QA required with experience in both manual and automation testing. Minimum Experience 5-7 years and good knowledge about ERP Solutions.


  • Develop QA department from scratch.
  • Mentoring of junior software engineers and developers on quality software development.
  • Design quality assurance policies and testing & verification processes for in-house developed applications and products.
  • Analyze, design and determine test scripts, automation and integration activities based on general objectives.
  • Get knowledge of overall architecture of the product and its development.
  • Maintain traceability of tests/bugs as per requirements and specifications.
  • Create test strategy for new and existing features.
  • Create, prioritize, and organize test cases into logical suites for both automated and manual execution.
  • Keep track of releases and builds.
  • Utilize QA best practices, patterns and processes within the team.
  • Work in close collaboration with Technical PMs for better understanding of the overall technical architecture of the product.
  • Plan and execute Internal Audits.
  • Analysis of Business Process documents, Business Process capturing and understanding.

Frontend React Developer required with at least 1-year hands-on experience in developing web and mobile-based projects from scratch using React.


  • Developing user-facing features using React.js, with other developers in charge of the application’s backend.
  • Designing a modern, highly responsive web-based user interface
  • Building reusable components for future use
  • Translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code
  • Conducting unit testing (including mocking as needed) and integration testing on software.


  • Thorough understanding of Redux.js and its core principles
  • Strong Knowledge of RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge of React Libraries Like SAGA , Reselect , Redux Thunk
  • Familiarity with the JSON Web Token authorization model
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git,
  • Strong Knowledge of React Bootstrap or Material UI
  • Understanding of hooks and functional component in React

HR Intern required for a three-month internship. The candidate must be familiar with HR policies and should be able to maintain records. Time management skills required.

Under general supervision, performs a variety of Cadastral and GIS tasks including skilled drafting work involving preparation and maintenance of maps, converts hand drawn maps to an AutoCAD form and maintains historical records that reflect changes to land parcels in the region.

Must have proficieny at ARC GIS Software. Must possess a degree or diploma in GIS and remote sensing.

Performs technical assignments related to providing cadastral and GIS base mapping and computer analysis
Designs, draws, and revises a variety of maps, charts, forms and similar material, inputs data into computer systems to reflect mapping changes.
Corrects discrepancies, and maintains official maps and plots; searches recorded documents.
Produces technical GIS products including maps, tables and reports.

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