Research and Development

Prototyping Facility

Cavalier Group has a dedicated prototype manufacturing facility where Automotive prototyping is carried out in proven individual steps which are supervised by our experts in their respective fields of product design. It is only after thorough validation of the prototype and detailed simulations that serial production is allowed to take place.

Manufacturing Facility

The group is in Joint Venture with Heavy Industries Taxila, the largest state-owned Industrial Complex for military combat vehicles. The premise is a self-contained complex with full in-house manufacturing and testing facilities. The entire production process is being modernised employing computerised design analysis and semi-automated manufacturing process using our own proprietary HoneyCombERP® software solution, which has been specifically developed for implementation of quality standards in conformity with the ISO and Military standards. With this system, the processes of design, development, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, delivery, sales, finance and accounting becomes easy to manage and control with increased transparency and traceability throughout the processes. The Production staff possesses long term experience in design and development in their respective fields of specialisation thus ensuring quality and reliability in production and follow-on support.

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