The HAMZA 6×6 is a new vehicle fully designed and developed by the Cavalier Group to response to the new needs of Pakistani army. The vehicle can accommodate a total of 13 military personnel including driver, commander and gunner.

Make: Cummins ISM 500
Power: 500 @ 1800
Torque: 2102 @ 1200-1600

Type: Allison 4500 SP 6-Speed Automatic Transmission.

Curb Weight: 15 Tons
Payload: 7 Tons
GVW: 22 Tons

Length: 7600 mm
Width: 2550 mm
Height: 2650 mm
Wheel Base: 4090mm + 1450mm

Type: 6×6 / 6×4
Transfer Case: 2 Speed with Longitudinal Lock.
Tyre: 16 R20

Electric System (v): 24V/461E/FFR
Seating Capacity: 3+10.

Speed: 110 km/hr.
Gradient: = 100%.
Side Slope: 30%.

Turning Circle(m): 20 +/- 1
Cruising Range: 500 km
Operating Temperature: -32 +55 C

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The vehicle features a V-shaped wall monocoque armored hull design and offers advanced protection features and superior off-road mobility and can operate in urban, mountainous and difficult rural terrains. The hull of the HAMZA 6×6 provides standard protection Level 4 STANAG 4569, with ballistic protection against firing of small arms 14.5 mm caliber and mine blast of 10 kg of TNT under the wheels. The vehicle can be fitted with an armour package to increase the protection to Level 5 STANAG 4569.

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